Use, Misuse, Abuse!

Who is a woman?

An adult human being? A Mother? A Daughter? A Sister? A Wife?

Who is a man?

An adult human being? A Father? A Son?  A Brother? A Husband?

Before any relation…A HUMAN BEING! A being to be respected! Man is given that respect because he is a man…But woman? Most in today’s time are respected according to how much they show of their body! 

Again…Who is a woman? A commodity? Something to be used and thrown away? An Off-spring machine? An object to be crushed under man’s feet?

If you think that way…then (Astagfirullah) What about the Umm ul Mu’mineen……Khadijah? Sawda? Ayesha? Hafsah? Zainab? Umm Salamah?…

What about Fatimah bint Muhammad?

What about Asiyah?

What about Maryam bint Imran?

What about our own mothers?

Definitely, we will slap anyone who says that woman is a commodity or something to be used and thrown away!

Why you ask? Because when we think of all the women I just mentioned we will get a sense of respect for women! We will realize that women are human beings…the best of creation like men! No one is a superior being! Both are equal in front of Allah. One is only better in front of Allah if he has Taqwa!

Women are used to publicize a product, to satisfy desires, etc. This misuse has been going on from a long time. But are some women blame free? Someone lits a fire and you add in the fuel..and step back. Just because you did not start the fire does it mean you are not reponsible?

Im tired of listening to this every time…that is, “Its my body, if I want to show it, I will!” Excuse me, Ma’am it is given to you, but remember The One who has given you this blessing can very well take it back too! And dont forget He did not give it to you for publizing it! If you keep it on display, you have no value left, your beauty will become rusted!

Think carefully, the people who want you in every advertisement possible respect you for who you are? or for the amount of skin you show?

And those people out there…I’m sure if your products are good enough and if you are known for your honest dealings then for sure they will sell! You do not need to degrade women for selling your merchandise.

Those who enjoy such advertisements where women are displayed like a commodity..wake up and raise your voice against it!

You think for a car to be sold, a semi-naked woman lying on it, is necessary? Media has degraded itself to such an extent that even for advertising men’s undergarments, a woman has to be used! Its like saying…follow your desires rather than your brain.

© Outspoken Hijabi


About OutspokenHijabi

Niqabi, Bookworm, Blogger, Teacher, Shutterbug, Loves to take a walk by the shore.

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  1. Roshan Ahsan

    Masha’ Allah thought provoking article………………..good work

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