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My mind and me

At times I have a lot to write but not able to due to one thing or the other. When I do get time, I simply sit in front of the screen and forget everything that I had to share. That way at times a post ends up being a draft! At this moment, I have two drafts 🙂

I‘m thinking that next time I have something to voice my opinion about, I better get a notepad and jot down the points! Rather than wasting time in front of a laptop just staring at it.

I wonder why this happens…why do we forget our own thoughts? There is a reason that why a certain topic strikes our mind and we keep on feeling uneasy unless we speak about it. Then how do we end up forgetting?  Could it be the stress and tension of other things around? Is our mind too occupied?

By the way, today I even tried playing football in middle of one of my posts! 😀 Hoping I would remember the points that I forgot. Did not help much, I started writing this instead!

Any advice fellow bloggers on how to keep the thoughts flowing freely?

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I have been told many times not to feel sadness over my sins after I have asked forgiveness for them. If I continue to feel guilty and sad, I will be doubting Allah and His forgiveness. I disagree! As the guilt helps me to be on the Sirat ul Mustaqeem. It makes me realize the importance of each and every deed that I do. Even if it be little, I will be rewarded for it, Inshaa’Allah. Here I’m reminded of the Sahabah, who inspite of being the best generation, sometimes felt that they have not done enough to gain paradise. Who at times became sad thinking about their past (the time before they became Muslims). If they felt that way, then what am I in comparison to them?

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Is what a believer asks, and is what His Lord answers.

His believers have trust in Him, therefore, they only seek from Him.

He loves His believers, therefore, He never lets them go empty-handed!

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Your Eeman helps you to get through pain, sadness, and hardships of life…

If you have lost your Eeman, you have lost the right track of your life…

Eeman is that light in a dark tunnel…

It is your greatest asset, hold on it firmly!

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Journey starts from being a Muslimah to being a Muhminah to being a Muhsinah…the last destination is a meeting with the Lord of the Worlds in Jannah! Just take the straight road…

Memories from Makkah-Madinah

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My Voice says…

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