I Miss You More…

I Miss You More Today Than I Did Yesterday!

No one supports me…Everyone makes me feel hopeless…They simply don’t get me…And the one person that I’m sure would have understood me, would have given me hope, would have been supportive…Is not around!

That person..O Mom! is you……..!

Mom, everyday I think how life would have been different if you were here with me. I have lost everything since I lost you. I feel the poorest of all the people in the world!

Mom, I want to live my life according to my own terms not on their decisions or on their agreement.But Mom they don’t let me. Why is that they don’t understand me?

I remember your words, “Take care of her.” That time I did not know that you are going…I did not know that would be the last thing I hear from you. But it was! I think those words are very precious to me. As I know that those four words showed your love towards me!

Mom, the pain of you going so far away from me is still as fresh as it was that day! I can’t forget you…by Allah’s Will I never will.ย 

I want to make a change in my life…but Mom no one understands this. They claim at times that they get it but actually they don’t! They don’t want to support me. I’m afraid Mom…that I will lose myself if they don’t let me live freely. I’m not that strong to oppose them. As I’m sensitive like you therefore I can’t hurt them.

Mom, I want you to hug me…with every falling tear….I yearn for your presence in my life!ย 

I need you more than I needed you yesterday. Even though there are many people around still I feel lonely as you are not there. I feel ย a whole lot of me is missing.

Life is not that easy, Mom. I need you……………..!

I’m not trying to go against Allah’s decision. But this is something natural..! A Mother’s place can never be filled. The pain never goes away!

Your daughter…


About OutspokenHijabi

Niqabi, Bookworm, Blogger, Teacher, Shutterbug, Loves to take a walk by the shore.

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  1. May Allah bless you with Sabr. Ameen. You have a powerful voice. JazashAllah Khair sister!

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