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The Beautiful Names of Allah


An Exhibition on the Beautiful Names of Allah was held in Madinah. Not sure if it is an ongoing exhibition. I visited it when I went for Umrah sometime in the month of May. Took a few pictures. But it does not give the full picture of the beautiful exhibition…you have to visit it if you are planning to go to Madinah.




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Just for laughter!

Taken from: Friday Magazine

Suresh Menon: This is clearly a silly idea…

The transparent mouse – clearly a silly idea?

And so now we have the see-through mouse. And before all you computer users jump at 
me and say you 
already use the see-through mouse on a daily basis, let me hasten to add: we are speaking of real mice, with heart, lungs, and all those other wonderful body parts in place.

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Are we fools?

I don’t have interest in politics nor am I supporting any politician. Alhamdulillah =)

But as my father watches Pakistani news channel I do get to know certain things happening back home. What irritates me always is that people suffer so much. They go through a lot. Still who ever gives them false hopes, makes some promises they get up and go with him!   Read the rest of this entry

Bent Rib by Huda Khattab

Just now posted two posts related to this book. Actually summary of two chapters. Would recommend reading this book not only to women but to men too. Reading it and passing it on is important too. We should not be selfish to keep knowledge only confined to our self.

The author says, “The description of a woman as a ‘bent rib’ is not derogatory to women. It comes from the hadith of the Prophet (Peace be upon him), who exhorted men not to try to change, or ‘straighten’ women by force but to accept them as they are created by Allah, and to follow his example by interacting with women on a basis of respect and compassion.”

It covers the following issues:

Chapter 1: Going by the Book: Qur’anic Interpretations

Chapter 2: Partners for Life or Three Strikes and You’re Out? Marriage and Divorce

Chapter 3: Domestic Slaves and Baby Factories? The Role of Muslim Women

Chapter 4: (Abuses of) Polygyny

Chapter 5: Domestic Violence

Chapter 6: Abuse of Non-Muslim Women

Chapter 7: Purdah to the Max-Home as Prison?

Chapter 8: The Unkindest Cut-Female Circumcision

Chapter 9: Beyond Home Economics: Education for Girls and Women


Bent Rib by Huda Khattab (2)

Chapter Eight

 The Unkindest Cut: Female Circumcision

Summary (of the the chapter pg 133)

In conclusion, we can say that female circumcision is not a requirement of Islam the way that male circumcision is. Although it is mentioned in one hadith, it is not a practice that is encouraged. In societies where it is a major part of the culture, simply eradicating it is not enough because FGM (Female genital mutilation) does not exist in isolation; it is part of a network of beliefs and practices surrounding virginity, marriage and ‘honour’. The societies concerned require positive education that is rooted firmly in Islam. This a need that must be addressed.



Bent Rib by Huda Khattab (1)

Chapter Seven: Purdah to the Max- Home as Prison?

Summary (of the the chapter pg 118)

‘Total purdah’- Keeping women shut up in the house and denying them the opportunity to fulfill their potential and make a contribution to society- is not even Islamic. Women have a lot more to offer then producing babies and cooking fancy meals. Our skills, intellect, insight, and so forth, are vital to the well-being of the community roles of the male and female. Why should we shut off 50% of our human resources? Men and women are allowed to have contact when necessary for the purposes of education, work, and furthering the Islamic cause. Hijab and the clearly laid out restrictions define the limits within which we can work; these restrictions, in fact, are meant to and often prove to be liberating, in that we are no longer objects on display, and we can just get on with the work on hand.



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