Are we fools?

I don’t have interest in politics nor am I supporting any politician. Alhamdulillah =)

But as my father watches Pakistani news channel I do get to know certain things happening back home. What irritates me always is that people suffer so much. They go through a lot. Still who ever gives them false hopes, makes some promises they get up and go with him!  

Do these people ever think that if any politician has made any major change in the country? Major change is not constructing a road here and there or some highway!  Rather did any one among them think about making Pakistan a better Muslim country?

Did he make some changes or worked hard to make any change so that major problems are solved like shortage of electricity?  I’m sure the answer is no.

When these people have done nothing to improve the situation there nor have they done anything to solve problems that people of the country suffer from then are not you a fool to support them? to run behind them? to go on so called freedom or revolution march?? Come on, don’t make a fool of yourself!

None of  the politicians in true sense want betterment of the country! They only want your vote so that they can get the power and win more seats…and fill up their pockets…tour the world without spending a penny from their pocket!

I don’t understand how year after year people believe in these politicians’ false promises! They don’t suffer from shortage of electricity or the shooting prices of every thing, poverty, bad conditions of hospitals etc.

How can you sit for hours and hours and simply listen to their speech which is utter nonsense? These speeches also include mocking at each other! ( That is one politician ridiculing the other politician). Actually now days they only do that…they try to bring one another down and people listening keep shouting out slogans to encourage the politician! It just sounds sick….! Because where is the betterment of the country in this??

When will we stop this nonsense and refuse to support such bogus people? 

I really hope someone would truly worry and try to make it a better Muslim country. Some one who would really care about the people and do something for them.

I don’t expect people to have same opinion like me. I just wish people would understand for their betterment. It was something I wanted to express since many months… maybe even years!

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  1. I would say it’s due to denial, cowardice and laziness.People never want to make change except for the brave, so they love to rely on others to make it. Not everyone wants to be a leader so they look for leaders, hoping that one person will change their entire society around. Denial grants the heart peace. But it doesn’t actually help.

    I mean think about it, if the Prophet (SAW) had no one to help him, no companions (RA) to fight against their oppressors, help spread the message and protect the Prophet (SAW), would Islam have reached you and me? Absolutely not. So people have to realize that in order to achieve change you need to make it happen. This isn’t isolated just to Islam, one just needs to study most civil rights movements.

    P.S Apologies if my comment is full of omitted words it is because for some reason I like to subjugate my brain to torture (it’s 7am and I haven’t slept yet)

    • Assalaamu ‘Alaikum,

      Firstly, the Prophet (Peace be upon him) had Allah to protect him. He was chosen by Allah to spread His Message. So to say that if Sahabah were not there then he would have no one to help him would be wrong. (No offence meant here against the Sahabah. They were the best of the generation without any doubt)

      Secondly, I would never compare these politicians with the Prophet (Peace be upon him). To blindly follow the Prophet was a different thing he was sent by Allah as a Messenger. But to blindly follow people who make false promises, who mostly think about power…is definitely foolishness.

      Thirdly, definitely change is necessary specially if there are many issues and problems. But to rely on people who are not trustworthy to make a change would again be foolishness.

      Jazakillahu Khair sister for taking time out to read my post even though you were exhausted. May Allah bless you, Aameen.

      • Wa aleykuma salaam. I wonder how I missed this reply…Wordpress usually notifies me.

        But I think you misunderstood my point sister, I was agreeing with you.
        I didn’t mean to make that point to back up the people that follow politicians blindly and agree with them, it was a critique of mine. No one should follow anyone blindly, that’s foolishness indeed, hence my analogy to the Prophet (SAW). Though the Prophet (SAW) would have succeeded anyway, he (SAW) was also helped immensely by the companions and the Mothers of Believers (RA). That was a mercy and a gift from Allah SWT.

        So just like the Prophet (SAW) had help, all of the prophets (AS) and all successful leaders in history also had help, that’s what I was trying to get at. Nothing will change until we all make a change.

      • Jazakillahu Khair sister

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