Dhul Hijjah



Another year coming to an end. The end is beautiful because it is the month of Hajj. It brings one of the greatest day: Day of Arafah and after that the day of celebration: Eid ul Adha. The first ten days of this month are classified as the blessed days. Allah takes oath by these ten days in Surah al Fajr (Verse 1-2) The oath shows the greatness of these days. Dhul hijjah is also one of the sacred months.


quote 9

As these are the blessed days it is encouraged to do more righteous deeds.

ten days o

One should try and fast the first nine days especially on the day of Arafah i.e. the 9th of Dhul Hijjah. This fasting is for those who are not performing Hajj. Day of Arafah is also known as the day of Hajj (If pilgrims miss the day of Arafah then their hajj is not valid). 

Fasting on the day of Arafah not only expiates your sins but it also saves you from Hell fire by the Will of Allah. It is one of the best days to make Du’aa’.





It is also encouraged to recite the Takbeer during these days. Also recommended to be recited from day of Arafah up till the last day of Tashreeq. To be specific it is to be recited from the time of Fajr prayer on the 9th of Dhul Hijjah till the 13th of Dhul Hijjah.

The Takbeer is as follows:



As during these days righteous deeds are beloved to Allah. Increase your recitation of  Qur’an , give charity often, and making a lot of du’aa’, do Dhikr any time of the day, perform extra prayers. You can also do the reading of Seerah-of the time when the Prophet performed Hajj and his last sermon. Also the story of Prophet Ibraheem and the test he was given of sacrificing his son. It would be a good time to make the young Muslims aware of these important days by reading the stories.

It is obligatory to perform udh’ hiya by those Muslims who can afford to so on either the 10th or 11th or 12th or 13th of Dhul Hijjah.






We should make an effort and do a lot of ibadah during these blessed days. May Allah give us the ability and strength to do more ibadah and to make full use of these blessed days. May He accept our good deeds and forgive our sins. May He save us from the hell-fire and grant us Jannah. Aameen. Thumma Aameen.

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  1. Jazakallaahu Khayra.
    Baarakallaahu Feeki.

  2. Reblogged this on Voice of an Outspoken Hijabi and commented:

    Dhul Hijjah starting tomorrow Inshaa’ Allah 15th September 2015. May Allah give us the strength to make the best use of these blessed days. And May He accept all our Ibadah and forgive our sins. Aameen. Please remember my family and me in your du’aa’s
    Do remember those who passed away in the crane crash incident and also those who are injured. May Allah forgive the sins of the departed souls and raise their ranks in Paradise.
    May He grant Shifaa to those who are injured. Aameen.

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