Raising the children of rape

Raising the children of rape.

Outspoken Hijabi says, “Issues like child abuse and rape in my eyes are the worst of violence. I get really sensitive when it comes to these kind of crimes. Only those without a heart can be responsible for such cases.  It is the most sickening, disgusting and cowardly action! I feel at the time when evil descends upon them they are worst of creatures and lose their ability to think. But then I have read even after committing the crime some or maybe all are still in the same state. They take freedom to say that it was the victim’s mistake. It seems even after destroying someone’s innocence and making someone’s life turn upside down, the oppressors think they have not done anything wrong.

How for just few seconds of devilish pleasure can some one leave an ever lasting impact on a life?

My mind fails to understand the mentality of such people! Should not our society stop taking all this under taboo and gather together to make a change? Cases are just hanging in the courts making it more of a torment for the oppressed!

While reading the article I was wondering why the parents would want their daughters to spend their life with the rapist…and why would some girls want that too..but then as I thought about it I understood that they only felt that way because they know the society. They know how people make life more tough for them. At times due to their poor state no one would want to marry them. And some are at such a tender age that they can’t take care of the child by themselves. A truly sad state! Imagine living with the person who is responsible for your destruction! Ya Allah…very painful! 

The complete system needs to be amended! As the article mentions mostly rapists are walking free because they are well known in the society. They have the money to buy even people within the system! SubhanAllah! What about the poor girl who can’t raise her head anymore cause she feels shame…maybe she feels guilty of everything she went through and the state her parents are in! Firstly, the pain given by the devil and secondly the pain the society gives by making her feel guilty even though it is not her mistake at all!

It is not only about harder punishments but it is also about giving respect to women. About raising their status. Educating men on treating them well and not considering them mere property! Problem solves only if you look at the roots…why do we only think about after it has happened…and not before it occurs? We might remember to teach our daughters about being safe but what about teaching our sons about respecting women and treating them equally?

I feel so helpless…I feel I have failed as a human being...cause I’m just sitting here and writing…not able to do anything….not able to make a change myself! We are so involved in our own life and problems that we keep our eyes closed to the rest of the world…

Stop blaming the victim. Whatever the state of the girl is before the incident does not matter, it does not give anyone the right to even place a finger on her. Blame the one who did it! Let the oppressed live peacefully.” Outspoken Hijabi

Go to the link mentioned in the starting of the post for the article: Raising the children of rape


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  1. So true. It’s despicable when the girls are blamed and shunned out of society when they need support the most. I too hate the fact that I can’t seem to do much whereas I would like to do a lot. It’s such a sick world where evil seems to be increasingly easy and we can’t seem to help it. We need to start educating the boys so they know that when they grow up they have to behave.

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