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Could not think of a better title for the post… ๐Ÿ™‚

I resigned few months back.Even though many were against it, I did it any way. I knew it is good for me, I knew I needed to do that. At times, people around you just don’t get it..they don’t understand why you want to do a certain thing..but you know what is best for you.ย 

So after seven years of working in a school…my first and only job..I left it. It was not about teaching different ages and checking books that was the problem it was the rest of the work that came along with it which in my opinion does not make education better!

Teacher’s job is not a part-time job. Mind you. It is a full-time job. Thanks to people who think that adding paper work upon paper work makes education better. Changing books after books…making worksheets upon worksheets…etc makes education better! I mean seriously?

If Iย refer this to my last post then you know what I’m talking about. There has to some major changes in the way education is delivered to children. Why do we stop at Maths, English, Science, Environmental Management, I.T, etc? Teacher enters a class….teaches….leaves the class! Textbook, Workbook, Worksheets, this that! Done. Exams come up..students vomit every thing out. Done. Students are exhausted. Teachers are exhausted. Everyone simply thinks only about finishing the syllabus.

I could not connect to all that. It is the same that used to happen years ago! When you try to explain these things to some one in education field..you know what they reply? “It happens every where. So what?” I’m tired of this notion of everyone is doing it..so it must be right.

A CHANGE is necessary. It is badly needed in the Education field. It is not a matter of one school but all the schools. Children need to fall in love with school..they should feel truly that it is like a second home. More work should be done to make education better for the children. Making extra worksheets, changing books, making marks analysis, changing lesson plan formats this that does not make a change. It does no good to students! Rather it makes the teacher exhausted. How should she give her 200% in the class room when she stayed up late at night trying to finish some lesson plan or some report or what not?!

I need to address those teachers too who always wear a frown on their face like an important accessory! Please drop it right away. I don’t know how a person can always frown. By showing children that frown for full 6 hours does no good to them. They will never free to speak to you to discuss with you any problems they are facing be it in your subject or in their personal life.

There has to be a limit in teacher-student relation. But it does not have to be based on all time strictness and frowning! It should be based on care and discipline. There is nothing wrong with being a friend to your students. They should know their limits. A teacher can be a teacher and a friend at a same time. You need to discipline them too. Therefore, you would be playing many roles in the class but from your heart. Your students should know when it is time to study, when it is time for relaxing, when it is time for simply chit chatting, etc. They will respect you more when you are a good listener. They will love to learn from you when you love to learn from them. Yes definitely children can beย mischievous but you should know how to handle all types of situations.

My journey with teaching started in the year 2007 and ended in 2014. It was time for me to move on…to do something different. To try to fulfill some of my dreams. So remember me in your du’aa’ and pray for me so that I find a new path in my life.ย 


ยฉ Outspoken Hijabi


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  1. Assalaam alaykum, sis.These are some of the reasons people begin their own businesses. Your concerns are valid so I think you should consider getting together with those who share similar ideas and starting your own school.

    • Waalaikum us Salaam sister,

      Jazakillahu Khair for visiting my blog.

      Don’t really have a plan to do that. I did my part in those years as much as I could.
      Have a different path to go on now Inshaa’ Allah.

      Take Care.

  2. May Allah assist you in all you walk along your chosen path. Juma’a mubarak and enjoy your weekend. ๐Ÿ™‚

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