Let go of your ego!

For those who just can’t stop commenting about India and Pakistan. Showing each other down by their words!

It is been 70 years so please get over it. Yes, I’m even saying to those who talk about how their forefathers gave their lives to get freedom. That is not a reason to degrade each other, to call each other names.

Be proud of who you are but don’t use nationality for each and everything including friendships. If you still can’t accept then at least do every one a favour and keep silent don’t spread your negativity!

Accept everyone regardless of their nationality, beliefs, culture and language. Please respect others for who they are.

Please let our children grow in a place in which they learn to love, care, and respect each other.

There might be differences in beliefs, culture, dress, food, language but is not it high time to just embrace those differences? No one is telling you to lose your identity..by holding onto that even you can accept people around you.

For once when an article/news is published please have the courtesy to comment on it only when you have something good to say or to show your concern. Otherwise move on it is not necessary to comment on each and everything that shows up on your news feed.

Kindly let your ego sleep. I’m sure he is very tired as he has been awake since 70 years!

Live in peace and let others too live.


Stalls to Visit at the Sharjah Book Fair — |-| Islamic Studies |-|

As Sharjah Book Fair is on, I would like to request all my blog readers /subscribers/teachers/parents and students living in the UAE to Visit Hall No. 4 Stall No. K 23 (Mecca Books) and Stall No. K 25 (Islamic Book Trust, Malaysia) InshaaAllah. Stall No. 25 has a wide range of Islamic Books, alhamdulillaah. Stall […]

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Greatest blessing from Allah!

I was extremely busy from the past two months! Don’t know where the nights and days went…

Allah blessed my husband and me with a beautiful baby boy on 29th September.

He kept us on our toes! 😀 Alhamdulillah…His smiles keep us going. Can’t describe the feeling of having him as part of our life…he is our little world! Quite fruitful experience.

May Allah bless him with strong eemaan, Aameen.





Tarbiyah Programme in Dhul Hijjah

“There are no days on which righteous deeds are more beloved to Allah than these ten days”  So said Prophet Muhammad sal-lal-laahu-alaihi-wa-sallam about the first ten days of Dhul Hijjah.

Source: Tarbiyah Programme in Dhul Hijjah

Outspoken Hijabi- “May Allah reward the one who made this and accept it from him as Sadaqatul jariyah. Aameen. May Allah make it beneficial for all those who make use of it. Aameen.”


Dhul Hijjah

Dhul Hijjah starting tomorrow Inshaa’ Allah 15th September 2015. May Allah give us the strength to make the best use of these blessed days. And May He accept all our Ibadah and forgive our sins. Aameen. Please remember my family and me in your du’aa’s
Do remember those who passed away in the crane crash incident and also those who are injured. May Allah forgive the sins of the departed souls and raise their ranks in Paradise.
May He grant Shifaa to those who are injured. Aameen.

Voice of an Outspoken Hijabi


Another year coming to an end. The end is beautiful because it is the month of Hajj. It brings one of the greatest day: Day of Arafah and after that the day of celebration: Eid ul Adha. The first ten days of this month are classified as the blessed days. Allah takes oath by these ten days in Surah al Fajr (Verse 1-2) The oath shows the greatness of these days. Dhul hijjah is also one of the sacred months.

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Creation of Allah!

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|-| Islamic Studies |-|

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